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Community Workshops

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C Shaping for Bar Artists

Jenna Ciotta

Sunday, February 12

5:30PM - 7:00PM

This workshop covers C shaping fundamentals and applications for aerial hoop and trapeze artists. We’ll discuss the body mechanics of C shaping, and put this knowledge into action, exploring hands free rolls from back to belly and belly to back, both static and spinning.


Prerequisites: Comfortable pulling over without tagging and performing front balance roll ups.

Jenna Ciotta

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Jenna’s early years were spent developing a love of dance, theatre, and dry heat. She found circus arts after completing a BA in Gender Studies and an MA in Human Rights. Circus offered a new and exciting creative outlet for personal expression. Her mixed background in academia, activism, and movement draws her into spaces where performance arts and politics intersect.

She is a member of the 2019 inaugural graduate class of the 3 year Pro-Track Program at the New England Center for Circus Arts. She is a member of the Boston Circus Guild, and currently lives in Northampton, MA.

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