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Intro to Mime

Sunday, March 10

11am - 12:30pm


Circus Storytelling Saturday, March 9

10:30am - 12:30pm



Circus Storytelling

*Requires aerial rigging- students work in their focus disciplines We all have a story to tell. Are you ready to put yours on stage? Stories let us share information in a way that creates an emotional connection and leaves a lasting impact on our audiences. This workshop is designed to help experienced circus artists/pre-professional students explore bringing stories to life on stage. Students will learn storytelling basics as well as techniques of mime and physical theatre and work on applying them directly into their circus disciplines. This creative and fun workshop is a great way to start exploring ideas through movement to develop strong communication skills and become an expressive performer. Prerequisites- Must be training at an advanced level in your circus discipline and be capable of performing a 4-5min. act. All disciplines/apparatus welcome.


Mime is a useful skill that helps performers of all disciplines learn to be more expressive on stage. Explore this unique art form in this fun introductory class. Learn body control exercises, illusionistic mime technique, gesture and expression, and create pantomime skits.

Contortion for Hyper-Flexible Youth

Saturday, March 9

Sunday, March 10

1pm - 3pm

Ages 9+



It is ideal to take both parts, but you will still learn tons with 1 workshop.

Must be very comfortable in a bridge and interested in learning how to properly work with your bendiness to gain strength.

Stephanie Abrams an award-winning mime and director with over 30 years of experience in the theatre. Stephanie has written and directed more than 25 original productions and served as artistic director and dramaturg for many others. Her work has been performed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley, New York City, Washington DC, and in 10 countries including a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015. Her unique approach to circus and physical theatre training and performance has helped launch the circus careers of many professional circus artists. Her students have graduated from Ecole Nationale de Cirque in Montreal, Ecole de Cirque de Quebec, and are performing with some of the top circus companies in the world including Cirque du Soleil and 7 Fingers.

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