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3 Ways You Can Support Us

Spread the Word

  • Let your friends, colleagues and strangers know how we have positively impacted your life.

  • Share posts on social media.

  • Give us a Google Review.


  • Sign up to help at events and general studio tasks.  For every 25 volunteer hours, you get either a free ticket to a show or $25 class credit. 

  • Serve on a board committee or the board.  (No current parents or students can serve on the board.  But you might know someone.  #share)


  • We are a non-profit organization and your donations are tax-exempt.  

  • Your donation allows us to offer financial aid for low-income families for them to experience our incredible programming. #equality.

We make the world a better place to live.

young teenage black boy balanced on a hispanic woman's feet who is laying down
adult teacher helping a student balance on  one leg in an aerial sling
teenagers laying down in a circle facing up at the camera smiling
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