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Stories in Motion

children with arms up facing a teacher dancing

Stories in Motion supports creative thinking and collaboration. Students will create short narratives inspired by their writing samples and also write a story based on movement.  Teaching artists facilitate the process with students as they express their creativity through the written word and physical movement.  Teaching artists will also incorporate social emotional learning concepts as they help students to write and create their stories.

Fee: $150 per hour for Mecklenburg County schools

Please contact us for fees outside Mecklenburg County

building Dance through Circus Arts

teacher helping a black student in an aerial silk

Building Community Through Circus Arts will show how circus arts can promote community and collaborative problem solving.  Our teaching artists connect the social emotional learning concepts to our dance curriculum.  Students will focus on ideas associated with self-awareness, self-management, relationship building, social awareness and responsible decision-making through the use of aerial silks, trapeze or partner acrobatics.   By the end of every class, students are celebrating each other's successes and have either created bridges or strengthened their connections to each other.


Mecklenburg County schools

Fee: $150 per hour for juggling and partner acrobatics

Aerial Dance: $200 per hour

Please contact us for fees outside Mecklenburg County

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